If you are ready to buy, we are sorry to say that we cannot fill you order right now, as we cannot make the Datasign fast enough! If you were to put a pre-order in today it will take us about 6 to 8 months to fill that order.

Please call one of our salespersons and ask about the pre-sale Sale.
We will send you a free gift (a portable MP3 player) just for placing a pre-order.

This is our way of saying we're sorry for any inconveniences this backlog has cost you. If you decide to take advantage of this pre-order Sale in the next 6 months and you change your mind and cancel your order we will charge you nothing, and you get to keep your free gift. We only need your pre-order to estimate how many signs to build to fill future orders.

We will also send you a free gift just for making the pre-order; also for no charge to you we will do a free design layout of the front of your building and marquee in 3D so you can see just how good the new sign will look.

Datasign comes in 2 sizes:
• 6"x12" w/ 9" letter $389.00
• 12"x24" w/ 18" letter $586.00

Call us at 1-877-DATASIGN
Or e-mail us at sales@datasign.net

From all of us at Designer signs, we thank you for trying the Datasign.
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