• The Datasign is easy to use. A message is transmitted to the sign via a computer. This eliminates liability for changing large movie theater marquees, which are currently changed manually.

• The Datasign is quick to use. Messages can be changed almost instantly.

• The Datasign is low maintenance. Since the modules are interchangeable, a malfunctioning module can be changed with a working module, so there is no "down time" while the nonfunctional module is repaired.

• The Datasign is easy to install. It uses standard household current, and hard wiring can be executed by any local electrician.

• The Datasign is relatively inexpensive. Compared to other changeable display boards, the Datasign is 1/2 to 1/4 the cost.

• The Datasign is extremely legible. It is backlit to be readable at night, and the high contrast graphics are easily read during the daytime.

• The Datasign is flexible as to size and configuration. Since the sign is modular, it can be "built" to customers' "specifications."

There are no other mechanical signs similar to Datasign that we are aware of.

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